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From Our Desk

The Photographer In Everyone The Photographer In Everyone

And it hit me: If the photos you take move you, you are a photographer. I raised my camera up again to snap the photograph.

Drone Photography A Bird's Eye View

Have you ever wondered how photos are created with a bird's eye view? (Us too!) Follow along as we hear stories, tricks & trips from Dirk Dallas.

10 Book Cover Ideas 10 Book Cover Ideas

We're making book building top of your to-do list with these ten book covers we're currently crushing on.

Mobile Photo Tips Part 1 Mobile Photo Tips: Part 1

Today, more than ever, mobile photography is redefining the way we see & share our worlds. Here are 11 tips to stunning photos—right from your phone.

The Stories We Tell The Stories We Tell

We are all storytellers with an eye & experiences uniquely our own. We explore how we take photos to recall those experiences that have shaped us.

Lessons from a Passport Lessons from a Passport

A one-way plane ticket grew to an adventure that would take writer Nicole Lindstrom & photographer Sasha Juliard to 10 countries and counting.

Guide to Wall Art Guide to Wall Art

Follow along as we explore 4 Pin-worthy walls that don’t require 19 frames, 3 Saturdays and countless do-overs.

DSLR 101 DSLR 101

Ready to step up your photography game? We've recruited our friends over at Photo Field Trip to help demystify all those settings on your DSLR camera.

The Rule of Thirds The Rule of Thirds

They say rules are meant to be broken, but there's one photo composition technique we can't get enough of: the rule of thirds.

Landscape Photo Tips 9 Landscape Photography Tips

We sat down with globe-trotting adventure photographer Chris Burkard to find out just how he captures those award-winning snaps (and how you can too!)

Have iPhone, Will Travel Have iPhone, Will Travel

Kevin Russ abandoned everyday life for a solo road trip up and down the Pacific coast. He outlines his best tips for documenting with your phone.

Mobile Photo Tips Part 2 Mobile Photo Tips: Part 2

The best camera is the one you have with you. We sat down with 10 incredible Instagrammers to find out how they create art with their smartphones.

On Legacy On Legacy

Meet Joe. His conviction, charm and love leave a lasting impression and inspire in each of us just one question – What legacy will you live?

Photographing Light 6 Tips for Photographing Light

After borrowing a friend's camera in Slovenia 5 years ago Matthew Payne set out to travel over 50 countries and brought back 6 Tips for Photographing Light.

Why We Work If Your Job is All You Do

You can't do a good job if your job is all you do. Knowing the best ideas are sparked outside of a desk, our team believes in getting out there.

Frame By Frame Frame By Frame

Imagine the world without photography. In 1996, that became all too easy in Afghanistan – where taking a photograph became a crime.

From Click to Print From Click to Print: VSCO Tips

Whether you're new to photography or at the top of your game, we're breaking down how we use VSCO® to shoot and edit mobile photos.

Surprise Them with Square Prints Surprise Them with Square Prints

Step aside, sticky notes. We've put together 4 ways to surprise them with square prints (hint hint: prints are not just for framing...).

The Important Places The Important Places

Filmmaker & photographer Forest Woodward rediscovers a poem his father had written for him. This motivates him to reunite his Father with the river.

Lost Yet Found: A Guide to Morocco Lost Yet Found: A Guide to Morocco

With 30+ passport stamps on the book, Lucy Laucht's curiosity for unseen lands is constantly being fueled. She shares her highlights of Morocco.

Wander This Way 4 Places to Travel in 2016

Travel always teaches. Join us in exploring 4 destinations alongside four camera-toting globetrotters for a first-hand account of where to travel & what to take in.

Under the Same Sun Under the Same Sun

Eager to learn more about the places and people that have shaped her, native New-Yorker Mimi McCormick ventures to China to reunite with her relatives.

What is Ephemeral What is Ephemeral

Even in this digital age, people still want the physical manifestations of those JPG, MP3 and PDF files. As it turns out, we may need them.

See the World See the World

Travel always teaches. Join us alongside 4 globetrotters as we take in beauty truly larger than life.

Small But Mighty Small But Mighty

Meet Cosette. Stroke by stroke, this four-year-old abstract painter is doing her part to alleviate poverty for people around the globe.

Bucket List: India Bucket List: India

Explore the city of Jaipur with entrepreneur Emily Meyer, co-founder of Tea Collection.

Lighten Your Space For Spring Lighten Your Space For Spring

With a spring refresh on our minds, we're bringing you 6 easy tips for lightening your space – and it all starts with your wall art.